Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Fashionfish : World's End Garden

Romance Le Noir
Romance Le Noir from World's End Garden
La Reve Illusoire
La Reve Illusoire - The illusory dream
It never ceases to amaze D just how talented and generous some designers in Second Life are. One such star is Lucia Genesis - creator of World's End Garden.  WEG sells an eclectic and moody assortment of props, landscaping items and apparel that can perhaps best be described as romantically surreal Victoriana.

With the exception of two gowns which D bought ( Sois mon valentin and Bernadette), the rest of this collection were picked up as group and board gifts. Inspired by the ephemeral nature of Second Life, and the beautiful surroundings of WEG's three destinations 

D wanted to create a series of prints that captured the title of each dress as well as to portray a sense of decay in the following series of images.


Sois mon Valentin
Soi mon valentin - Be my valentine
The techniques used to create the polarised look of each image, is an attempt to fashion an imitation of an effect that occurs in antique photographic plates. There is a fascinating article on this phenomena in http://cool.conservation-us.org/jaic/articles/jaic41-02-002.html (D qualifies that she finds it fascinating and others might find it nerdy)


Bernadette was the first in these series of images of several overlays, fades, gradations, solarisation, inversions, vignetting and imprinting (using photoshop brushes from brush directory)

Le Jardin de la fille
Le Jardin De La Fille - The girl's garden
Le Dernier Lamento
La Denier Lamento - The Last Lament

Fashion Directions : 

Romance Le Noir  +
Vikka Lace Gloves layered with Dita's Ribbon Gauntlets (Long)
Earrings by SN@TCH
Maddison Mesh Boots by Deco
La Reve Illusoire +
Nicole hair by Burley

Nicole +
Widow gloves from LWL
Runa hair by D!va

Soi mon Valentin +
Hawthorn Milky Way set from Mandala
Gloves by Bare Rose
Hair from Purple Moon Head to Toe prize
Fox Stole by Anya OhMai

Bernadette +
Zippered leather gloves from XTC leather

Le Jardin De La Fille +
DIMH prize hair from D!va
Parasol from Risk City 

La Denier Lamento +
Pearl Rain Jewelry Set from Mandala

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