Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Big Fish : Final Day for April round of TMD

If you haven't caught it yet... you should! Especially since this april round has been choc-a- bloc full of stuff from all the most distinguished designers on the grid as TMD celebrated its 2nd year running.

junk. telephone box couch. One of the many stylish offerings this round.
I'm really loving the things that come out of the 'junk' workshop - the repurposed bicycle parts furniture was genius and this - a telephone box couch is along that same unique vein of virtually recycled props!
TMD will also be moving to bigger better premises come next round - to a sim of its very own so watch out for that too!

Meanwhile :

Model = Dew Jones
Skin = Kooqla (Knight)
Prop : junk. telephone box couch (chocolate)

Clothing :

OMENx [dynasty] - Cruising Gloves
{Howl} DOMINIC Black T-shirt and Pants
Eudora 3D Oxford Low Tops

For all SLURLs

TMD moves to its own sim TMD, TMD (121, 201, 22) - Moderate in June!

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