Friday, 6 December 2013

The Art Fish : My first SL arty type thing!

I'm very excited about being part of Miamai's launch for their black label collection and it will actually be the first time that I'll have ever exhibited my artsy nonsense in the virtual world. (Ok so we're not counting the stuff I make!)

Having been sworn to secrecy about the pieces that I have made for this event, I can tell you that I have dreamt up a lot more ideas than what you will eventually be able to see at the launch. What is no longer a secret is the theme of the event - The Golden Thread.

What I love most in collaborations is the bouncing of ideas and the way discussion leads to new explorations inspired by such interchanges. I had already been thinking of how to merge elements of the raw 'wireframe' captures into full renders for some time and it struck me as being quite relevant to this theme - the idea that the SL grid itself can be seen in its raw state as a web of many points connected together by lines - like threads. In the end I discarded this idea as part of the exhibit, deciding that this was better explored outside of the above abstraction.

In my post yesterday, I wrote about discovering this fantastic online fractal paint program and promised that I would make some brushes for your download with this new toy as follows :

My first fractal brush set!
With these brushes made,  I eventually decided to try and make that wireframe composite and created this piece :
Have yourself a fantastic and creative day!

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