Friday, 27 September 2013

The Fashion Fish : A season for Zibska and playing catchup...

Winter is coming...
Winter is coming
(Inspired by Zibska Corvo Couture Gown and Zinovia Hair)

Greetings gentle reader!

Don't all the exciting things seem to happen when you're away?

I came back to a nest of creativity in my inbox! Starting with the above image, inspired by the Corvo gown by Zibska. I found this dress a bit of a challenge to capture because the details of it are stunning though it tends to get lost on itself in various positions. Hopefully this does the creation justice.

I love the idea of being a literal moving landscape and perhaps that may have been a thread in some of my earlier images too. "Winter is coming and the night is full of terrors..." is of course a line from Game of thrones which I have very much come to appreciate! This piece of couture is also just a tantalising tease of things to come as Zibs felt compelled to make it amidst the flurry of creating her Fall/Winter collection.

Other details :

Fingerless Gloves by .Shi (Set 1) - from Sept. Arcade not with an unappreciated twist of irony, actually comes with fingers and rings!  

Renee Skin by Glam Affair - from March. Arcade (Often used in my images because of its editorial quality. Top Tip : The wonderful thing about Gachas is that these items are no copy but transferable and more often than not, because of the nature of the game, people often end up with more copies of these items than they know what to do with. If you're looking for older edition Arcade or Gacha items such as this skin, try doing an SL search for 'Arcade Yard Sale' and you' may just be able to grab yourself an absolute bargain! - More about Gachas in a later post)

Posed using Animare.

Petalicular I
(Inspired by Zibska's Siofra
for L'accessoires September round)
Petalicular II
Petalicular II
(Jelly fish or flower?)

For some abnormal reason that I can't quite fathom, the 30 days of Sept. go as quickly as the 28 days in February for me. Perhaps it is the rapid change of season and that strangeness to find I've left the UK in lush green summer only to return two weeks later to a changing landscape of autumnal reds and golds, as well as a distinct drop in temperature.
Over in my second life, it is always any season I want it to be, though somehow art tends to imitate life; drawing inspiration from the colour palettes that I find myself surrounded with, as well as that sort of surreality.

Other details :

It is my first visit to the Designers United event (Sept 14 - Oct 04) launched whilst I was travelling though lucky for me, had not yet ended. The official press release is as follows :

"For over five years, Designers United has shared the visions of different designers as they create exclusive items for specific themes. This results in diverse points of view from each designer, culminating in incredibly creative and artistic results. With a theme of Surrealism, Designers United 5 is a year you won't want to miss."

Always excited when I find new prosthetics to wear with my Doll Coco Avatar - the stilts and skirts are from Maitreya out of this event.

Posed using Animare + Body Behavior (Model Pose Sets)


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